[Windows 10] November Update

Windows 10 November update support info (when updating your Windows 10)

Microsoft has released Windows 10 November update. This update program provides added functions to Microsoft Edge, security reinforcement, etc.

The first ever major update for Windows 10 has been released.

We will guide through on Windows 10 November update support info.

Please be advised that published info may be modified/deleted unannounced.

Table of contents
Applicable Models
Target OS
Validation info
Precautions for when updating
How to update

Applicable models
Models with Windows 10 installed

Target OS
Windows 10

There is no validation information

Precautions to take when updating
Please backup all important data in advance.
[Windows 10] Back up using file history
[Windows 10] How to perform backup (system image backup) of entire PC

If you have not created recovery media, please create recovery media prior to update.
[Windows 10] How to create recovery media with USB flash memory

The update may not proceed accordingly depending on the apps you have installed or the peripherals you have connected.
Please refer to each manufacturers’ websites, and if the apps/peripherals are incompatible, we recommend you to uninstall/disconnect them prior to the update.

How to update
Please use the Windows Update.
Please refer to the following for details.
[Windows10] how to update Windows 10
November update of Windows 10: FAQ