[VAIO_PC] Checklist for when cable-connected mouse does not work

A USB connected mouse does not work.
Reconnect or check to see if the driver is operating properly

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Table of Contents
1. Reconnect mouse
2. Check connection terminal
3. Discharge
4. Check if driver is operating properly

1. Reconnect the mouse
If the connection between mouse and PC is loose, the mouse may not be recognized.  Turn off the computer and reconnect the cable. With the USB mouse, connect it to the computer’s USB terminal.

2. Check the connection terminal
Check to see if the PC connection terminal is faulty or if the connector on the mouse is damaged.  If using a USB mouse, try connecting to a different USB port.

3. Shut down the computer
After turning the computer off, reconnect the mouse and see if it functions properly.

1. Turn off Computer.  Since the mouse does not work, turn off PC by holding the power button for more than 4 seconds.
2. Unplug the power cable.
3. Disconnect all peripheral devices and leave it off for about a minute.  Remove the battery if the computer has a removable battery.

Press the battery off button for 3~5 seconds if battery on/off model.

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4. After about a minute, reconnect the power cable.  If the battery is removed, re-install the battery.
5. Turn on the computer.

4. Check if driver is operating properly
It is possible that the mouse driver is not functioning properly.  If it is not functioning properly, update the driver. Please refer to the links below for instructions.
1. Access the Device Manager
2. Check to see if any exclamation points “!” are displayed for anything related to the mouse. If you see an exclamation point, the driver is not functioning properly.
3. Update the drivers with the exclamation points.  Please refer to the Q&A below for directions on how to update using keyboard.

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