[VJZ12A *] update program, original driver software

[VJZ12A *] update program, original driver software

Applicable models
VJZ12A *

Table of contents
Download procedure
Installation Instructions
Windows 10

Download procedure
Please perform the download according to the following procedure.
Please prepare a folder to store the downloaded file.
In this description, the folder name that was created in the C drive and named “Update”.
*Please use only alphanumeric characters in the name of the folder. Double-byte characters and spaces, you cannot run a program that has and special characters in its name.

When the download is complete, right-click the file, select “Properties” from the menu that appears, please check the size.
If the size is the same, you have successfully downloaded the application.
If the size is different, delete the downloaded file, please download again.

Installation Instructions
Prior confirmation
Prior to installing the new version of the program you are updating, please ensure that you are uninstalling the old version.
If you run the installation without first removing the previous version, you may not be able to successfully install the new drivers.
▼ related Q&A [VAIO_PC] how to uninstall the original driver software

For more information about the installation procedure, please refer to the following page.


VJZ12A * Series Windows 10
Update program, original driver software

 No.  Program name  Original driver   Update program   Remarks
 1  Intel (R) Chipset Driver VP0000000149.exe
6,685,344 bytes
 In advance of the uninstall it is not required at the time of re-installation.
2  VFEP Driver VP0000000138.exe
4,359,264 bytes
 Pre-need to install the Intel (R) Chipset Driver.
3  Realtek Audio Driver VP0000000202.exe
169,958,0304 bytes
4  Intel (R) Graphics Driver SP000222.exe
 Please apply the link destination update program.
5  Intel (R) ME Driver VP0000000203.exe
65,888,072 bytes
6  Realtek Card Reader Driver VP0000000204.exe
12,271,408 bytes
7  VAIO Touch Screen Driver VP0000000205.exe
4,193,464 bytes
8  Intel (R) Bluetooth Driver VP0000000206.exe
8,878,144 bytes
9  Intel (R) CPPC Driver VP0000000207.exe
4,844,360 bytes
10  Intel (R) DPTF Driver VP0000000208.exe
17,150,240 bytes
11  Realtek Ethernet Driver VP0000000209.exe
10,058,224 bytes
12  Intel (R) Wireless LAN Driver VP0000000210.exe
153,051,144 bytes
13  VAIO Shared Library VP0000000140.exe
7,252,376 bytes
Pre-need to install VFEP driver.
14  Control Center VAIO
(setting of the VAIO)
 Please apply the link destination update program.
Pre-need to install VAIO Shared Library.
15  VAIO Button Control SP000043.exe
 Please apply the link destination update program.
You must install before installing the VAIO Touch Screen Driver and VAIO Shared Library.
16  VAIO Keyboard Receiver VP0000000169.exe
4,929,056 bytes
 Pre-need to install VAIO Shared Library.
17  Power Setting Patch (US) SP000053.exe
7,477,488 bytes
 Pre-need to install VAIO Shared Library.
20  VAIO Color Profile VP0000000170.exe
3,920,168 bytes
 Pre-need to install VAIO Shared Library.
19  SATA Setting VP0000000242.exe
3,915,144 bytes

Please check if installation is complete, see the following related Q&A.
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Drivers that are installed on a Windows 10 pre-installed model, has been distributed even Windows Update. Please also see the following related Q & A.
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Other than the above update programs

 Program name   Detail   Remarks 
 BIOS SP000047.exe
 Please apply the link destination update program.
ME Firmware SP000048.exe  (Excluded for US model)