[VAIO_PC] The battery cannot be charged over 50% or over 80% (conservation mode)

Battery can not be fully charged.
Battery only lasts for a short time.
Battery can only be charged up to 50% or 80%.
When you select the battery icon in the notification area, it appears to be “not charging” even though the battery is only at 50% or 80%.


There is a possibility that the “Battery care function” is enabled

Applicable Products
VAIO PC General; Models that have the “Battery care function”

It is not abnormal for your battery to only charge up to 50% or 80%.  This is normal behavior if you are in “Conservation Mode”.
If the “Battery care function” is enabled, the battery will not be fully charged.
This prevents the deterioration of the battery.
However, the battery operating time is shortened in comparison to a fully charged battery.

If you want to fully charge the battery, you need to disable the “Battery care function”.  For information on how to do that, please follow the directions below.

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For Win 8.1
Reference Information

If the problem is not resolved after you disable “Conservation Mode“, please see the related links below.

For Win 8.1
1. Open up the VAIO Control Center
2. When the screen is displayed, choose the power supply and battery section.

3. In the section about “Battery Care Function”, make sure the battery switch is moved to “OFF”.  If the switch is at “ON”, move it to “OFF”.

If the problem is not resolved when the “Battery Care Function” is disabled, please refer to the links below.

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Reference information
For more information about the caring charging mode and charging mode, please refer to the following information.
The Conservation Mode (80%) will charge the battery up to 80% of the battery’s capacity.  The battery duration will be shorter, but the battery will last longer.  This is recommended for peeople who use their battery more often.
The Conservation Mode (50%) will charge the battery up to 50% of the battery’s capacity. The battery duration will be half as long as normal, but the battery will last longer.  This setting is recommended for those who are most often connected to an AC power source when using their computers.
For more information about battery caring charging mode, please look at the following support page: Increasing the Life of Your Battery.