“Hello Camera Firmware Ver.0014” Update Program

Applicable models


※Only for models with a camera that supports Windows Hello Face Authentication.

Applicable OS

Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Issues to be resolved

  • Improved stability of camera operation.
  • This version also includes the fix for the following issue that was fixed in previous version.
  • Set the standard settings for images to be taken.

Download procedures

  1. Prepare a folder to store the downloaded file.

* In this explanation, we will use a folder named “Update” created on C Drive.
* Please use only single-byte alphanumeric characters for the folder’s name.
If you use double-byte characters, single-byte spaces, special characters, etc., the program cannot be executed correctly.

  • Confirm the “Software License Agreement”.
  • Click the [Agree and Download] button and download the update program to the folder created in Step 1.
  • After downloading the program, apply the program by referring to the “How to apply the program and prior confirmation” below.
  • For now, just download and do not run the file. After applying the update program, delete the “Update” folder created in Step 1.

How to apply the program and prior confirmation

■Prior confirmation

  • For the followings, please apply the following BIOS update program before applying this program: VJS122*, VJS142*
  • Related Q&A: VJS122, VJS142 “BIOS R0350CX” updated program.
  • This program is dedicated firmware for models with cameras that support Windows Hello Face Authentication.
  • Be sure to close all applications that use the camera before applying this program.
  • Always restart your PC after applying this program.
  • Enable the camera if it is disabled in the BIOS Settings.
  • In Windows OS, open [Settings]-[Privacy (or [Privacy and Security] for Windows 10]-[Camera] screen and turn the settings to “ON” for “Camera access for this device (access to camera)”, “Allow the app to access the camera (give app the access to the camera)”, and “Allow the desktop app to access the camera”.
  • Disconnect all peripherals such as an external Hello Camera or a monitor with a Hello Camera.
  • Please sign into Windows as “Computer Administrator” or “Administrator” user.
  • The username must be registered with single-byte alphanumeric characters. If you are using double-byte or single-byte space as the username, please create a new account with single-byte alphanumeric username.
  • Make sure that your PC is not set to go into standby, sleep, or hibernation mode while updating.
  • Do not turn off the power while updating.
  • If the “User Account Control” or “Open File – Security Warning” dialog appears, please check the contents, and continue the operation as indicated.
  • Check the applicable model. If you apply this program to other models by mistake, updating will fail or malfunction will occur.

■How to apply the program

  1. Close all applications running on Windows.
  2. Open the [PC (Computer)] – [Local Disk (C:)] – [Update] folder (the folder where you downloaded the file) and double-click the [SP000630.exe] file.
  3. The following dialog will appear, so confirm the content and click [OK].
  • When the User Account Control screen appears, click [Yes].
  • The following screen will appear, and the application of the program will begin.


  • If the message “Please update BIOS to latest and try again.” appears, please update to the latest BIOS and perform the update again.
  • If the message “The tool do not support this PC.” or “Can not find the module to be updated.” appears, the update program for non-applicable model is being executed, so please execute the update program for the applicable model.
  • If the message “Update failed” appears, perform a complete shutdown of the PC, press the battery off button on the bottom of the unit for 3 seconds, and then perform the update again.
  • If the following dialogs appear one after another, the update has been successfully completed. Click [OK]. The PC will restart automatically.

This completes all procedures.

How to confirm that the program has been applied

  1. Open “Device Manager”.
  2. Double click [Cameras].
  3. Double click [Front IR Camera].
  4. Properties will appear, so click the [Details] tab.
  5. Select [Hardware Ids] from the [Property] pulldown list.
  6. If “&REV_0014” is shown within “Value”, it has been applied successfully.