VAIO Z CANVAS (VJZ12A) Button Control Ver.

Program name
VJZ12A * “VAIO Button Control Ver. (for Windows 10)” update program
Software ID
Release date
November 29, 2016
Applicable models
VJZ12A *
Target OS
Windows 10 upgrade
  • Please be sure to uninstall the old version of the “VAIO Button Control” before installing the new one.
Resolved issue
Improved stability
How to install the application
Please Exit out of all Applications that are running at the time of install.

1. Access the Control Panel

2. Access “Uninstall a program or Programs and Features”

3. While the “Programs and Features” screen is displayed, double-click the [VAIO Button Control].

4. A message appears that asks “Do you want to uninstall the VAIO Button Control?” select [Yes] on this menu.

5. A message pops up stating “A file or service can not be updated during the installation process. If you want to continue, restart is required. In order to complete the setup,” will be displayed click [OK] to continue. This will start the uninstallation.

6. Display of the dialog disappears, When the “Programs and Features”, “VAIO Button Control” from the list of the screen now is removed, I will restart the computer.

7. After the PC restarts locate the folder where you downloaded the file, and then double-click the [SP000153.exe] file.

8. A message stating “Please be sure to uninstall the old version of the “VAIO Button Control” before installing the new one.” Will pop up. Please select the [OK] button to proceed.

9. A message will appear that states “Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for VAIO Button Control”, and then select [Next].

10. The next menu will display the message “Ready to install the program”, at this point select [Install]

11. When the installation is finished you will see a message box stating “Installshield has completed the installation.” To proceed please click [Done].

12. A message box will appear stating “To enable the setting changes to the VAIO Button Control, you will need to restart the system.” While this message is displayed, select [Yes]. Your PC will automatically restart.

No further work is required.
How to check if the application was successfully installed. 
  1. Please access “C: \ Program Files \ VAIO \ VAIO Button Control \ Version.txt”
  2. If version “Ver.” is listed in the description the process was successfully completed
Download procedure
  1. Please prepare a folder to store the downloaded file.
    In this description, the folder name that was created in the C drive and named “Update”.
    * Please use only alphanumeric characters in the name of the folder.
    Double-byte characters and spaces, you can not run a program that has and special characters in its name.
To View the END-USER LICENSE USER AGREEMENT FOR VAIO SOFTWARE please click the link below.
 Please use “Microsoft Edge” or “Internet Explorer” to download the file. 
In browsers other than the above the file may not download properly
By downloading this file you are agreeing to the terms put forth in the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT for VAIO SOFTWARE