VJS131* Realtek Card Reader Driver Ver.10.0.10586.21287 (Windows 10)

Program name
VJS131 * “Realtek Card Reader Driver Ver.10.0.10586.21287 (Windows 10)” update program

Software ID

Release date
February 5th, 2016

Applicable models

Target OS
Windows 10

Please uninstall sure before this program applied the “Realtek Card Reader” of the old version from the Programs and Features.
[VAIO_PC] how to uninstall the original driver software

Resolved issue
The brush pressure curve or a pen button set sometimes returns to the initial setting values.

How to apply the program
How to apply the program, please refer to the following Q & A:
[VAIO_PC] How to apply the upgrade program and how to verify that it is applied

How to verify the installation of the program

  1. Open the Device Manager.
  2. Double-click the [Memory technology driver] or Memory Technology Device.
  3. Please double-click the “Realtek PCIE Card Reader” so that Properties is displayed.
  4. Click the Driver tab, if the version of  “10.0.10586.21287” is displayed, the program has been applied successfully.

Download procedure

  1. Please prepare a folder to store the downloaded file.
  2. On the confirmation of the “Software License Agreement” and press the button [Download to agree],
  3. Please download the update program to your desired location.
  4. After downloading the program, please apply the program by referring to the “application procedure of the program,” above.

To view the END-USER LICENSE USER AGREEMENT FOR VAIO SOFTWARE please click the link below.

Please use “Microsoft Edge” or “Internet Explorer” to download the file. 
In browsers other than the above the file may not download properly

By downloading this file you are agreeing to the terms put forth in the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT for VAIO SOFTWARE