[Windows 10] Expansion method of the drive

Expanding the Hard Drive Partition (Win 10)

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Method of operation
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From the Disk Management screen, you can expand the size of the hard disk partition, making the unallocated hard drive space available for use.

Method of operation

1. Right click the Start button.

2. From the Quick Links menu, select Disk Management.

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The Disk Management screen can also be displayed using the following keyboard shortcut:

1. Press the Windows key and the “X” key at the same time.

2. When the Quick Links menu screen is displayed, select System.

No further work is required.

3. Right-click (press and hold on the touch panel) any of the drives you want to extend, and select Extend Volume from the menu that appears.

4. The Extended Volume Wizard will be displayed.  Select the Next button.

5. When the Select Disk screen is displayed, specify any size by selecting the up and down buttons of the column next to “Select the amount of space in MB.”  When you have completed, select the Next button.

6. When the procedure is completed, choose the Finish button.

7. In the Disk Management screen, verify that the drive has been extended.

This completes the operation above.

Reference information
If you want to create unallocated space as a separate partition, please refer to the related Q & A below.

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