[VAIO_PC] How to take care of VAIO

[VAIO_PC] How to take care of your VAIO

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VAIO PC General

Table of contents
Prior confirmation
PC external Care
PC body connector
Inlet and exhaust ports
Caring for display
Caring for keyboard
Cleaning the CD / DVD / BD drive

Before starting

  • Make sure your PC is off and the power cord is disconnected from the outlet. Please be mindful that if the PC was just shut down it may be hot to the touch. 
  • Please do not use commercial cleaners such as: benzine, acetone, alcohol or paint thinner/remover. These chemicals are abrasive and may damage the the surface treatment of your PC. When you wish to use a chemical cloth, please follow the instructions that.
  • Please do not wipe the housing with mouse with wet cloth. If liquid gets inside inside the machine, it may cause it to malfunction.
  • Before you clean the inside the PC, you can touch something metallic to discharge static electricity. PC components inside the machine are very sensitive to static electricity, you might want to failure by accumulated static electricity on the human body.

Work Around
PC external Care

  • PC body connections

For dirt or dust in your PC, please wipe lightly with a dry cloth.
If there is dirt or dust inside your connectors, please scrape the dirt and dust with a dry cotton swab to remove it.

  • To clean the inlet and exhaust ports:

Please wipe with a dry cloth.
To remove dust from the ports you may do so with a vacuum cleaner when it is very dirty, please export carefully the dust with a cotton swab.

Caring for display:
For the care of a liquid crystal display, please refer to the following.

  • When the PC is only lightly soiled:

Please wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth.

  • For stubborn stains:

You may  lightly with a slightly moistened cloth using only water, please wipe off the moisture with a dry dry cloth after doing so.

Please note

  • The surface of the LCD display have been specially processed. Please do not possible to touch the surface.
  • A chemically treated cloth, commercially available OA cleaner, benzine, acetone, such as alcohol or paint thinner, please do not use as there is a potential for damage to the surface treatment of a liquid crystal display.

Caring for keyboard:
For care of the keyboard, please refer to the following.

  • Surface of the keyboard:

Please wipe lightly with a dry cloth to dust and dirt.

  • For in-between the keys:

You may loosen the dirt and dust with a cotton swab.

Cleaning the CD / DVD / BD drive:
In the case of drive optics (laser) pickup section can be seen, please scatter the dust using condensed air. 

Please note
We do not recommend that you use a commercially available cleaning disc or lens cleaner.
If you touch the lens portion of the optical pickup, it may scratch the lens.

When the media is scratched or dirty, you may not be able to read the disc.
To remove dirt or dust from optical media, please wipe gently from the center of the disc to the outside of the disc with a soft cloth.