[VAIO_PC] How to create/obtain recovery media

 [VAIO_PC] How to create/obtain recovery media

  • I want to know how I can create the recovery media.
  • Is there any way I can obtain or purchase a recovery disk if it gets lost?
  • Please show me what to do if the SSD hard drive partition is lost and I cannot perform recovery.

The method of creating and obtaining recovery media differs depending on the model you are using.

Products in subject
All VAIO PC from VAIO Corp.

If the model you are using has a recovery partition on the SSD hard drive, you can create recovery media.  If for some reason the SSD hard drive recovery partition is lost, please use the “Recovery Media Distribution Service” which comes with a fee.

Table of Contents

  • Directions for when your SSD Hard Drive recovery partition is deleted or when your recovery media is lost


When you are using a PC model with Windows 10 installed

Please refer to [Windows 7] How to create recovery media to learn how to create Windows 8.1 recovery media for both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Please refer to the following Related Q&A to learn how to create recovery media.

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If SSD Hard Drive partition is deleted
If the SSD Hard Drive partition has been deleted, please use the Recovery Media Distribution Service.  This service is not free because the recovery media includes a Microsoft operating system license.
Please contact VAIO customer service.