VJZ13B * series for the update program, original driver software list

Applicable models
VJZ13B *

Table of contents
Download procedure
Installation Instructions
Windows 10

Download procedure
Please perform the download according to the following procedure.

  1. Please prepare a folder to store the downloaded file. In this description, and the folder name that was created on the C drive “Driver”.  * Please use only alphanumeric characters in the name of the folder. Double-byte characters and spaces, the use of such special character program cannot be properly executed.
  2. Programs that require from the download item of the list, please download the folder that you created in 1.

When the download is complete, right-click the file, select “Properties” from the menu that appears, please check the size. If the size is the same, you can successfully have downloaded. If the size is different, delete the downloaded file, please download again.

Installation Instructions
Prior confirmation
Things in advance to uninstall the old version of the program in the update program has been described as necessary and, when you reinstall the original driver software, top of more Q & A below, be sure to advance to the appropriate driver software please install the uninstall. If you run the installation without uninstalling, you may not be able to successfully install.

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Drivers that are installed on Windows 10 to the pre-installed model, have been distributed in the Windows Update except for a part. Refer to the following related Q&A, please install.

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Windows Update drivers that are not distributed in, a description of the installation procedure of the utility, please refer to the following page.
[VAIO_PC] how to install the original driver software 

How to check the application method / apply the completion of the [VAIO_PC] update program

VJZ13B * Series Windows 10

Update program, original driver software

 No.  Program name  Original driver   Update program   Remarks
1 Intel (R) Chipset Driver VP0000000167.exe
6,700,256 bytes
In advance of the uninstall it is not required at the time of re-installation.
2 Intel (R) Serial IO Driver VP0000000211.exe
6.520,608 bytes
3 Intel (R) GMM Driver VP0000000212.exe
4,276,352 bytes
4 Realtek Audio Driver VP0000000213.exe
1,910,201,568 bytes
5 Intel (R) Graphics Driver SP000206.exe
Please apply the link destination update program.
6 Intel (R) ME Driver VP0000000215.exe
68,295,408 bytes
7 Intel (R) IISS Driver VP0000000216.exe
20,952,464 bytes
8 Intel (R) Bluetooth Driver VP0000000217.exe
11,014,016 bytes
9 Intel (R) Wireless LAN Driver SP000113.exe
Please apply the link destination update program.
10 VAIO Touch Screen Driver VP0000000146.exe
4,193,488 bytes
11 VFEP Driver VP0000000138.exe
4,359,264 bytes
Pre-need to install the Intel (R) Chipset Driver.
12 Intel (R)
HID Event Filter Driver
4,736,400 bytes
13 Realtek Card Reader Driver VP0000000220.exe
15,136,120 bytes
14 Intel (R)
Virtual Buttons Driver
4,700,336 bytes
15 VAIO Shared Library VP0000000140.exe
7,252,376 bytes
Pre-need to install VFEP driver.
16 VAIO Touch Screen Utility VP0000000145.exe
9,561,240 bytes
17 Control Center VAIO
(setting of the VAIO)
24,252,672 bytes
Pre-need to install VAIO Shared Library.
18 SSD Setting VP0000000244.exe
3,915,008 bytes
19 Realtek Card Reader Driver Ver. 10.0.14393.21296 SP000165.exe
15,156,040 bytes
20 Intel ME SW Update Ver. update program SP000204.exe
21 ME Firmware Ver. update program SP000201.exe

Other than the above update program

 Program name   Detail   Remarks 
BIOS SP000115.exe
Please apply the link destination update program.
Intel (R) sensor firmware SP000087.exe
Please apply the link destination update program.

Please check the method of installation is complete, see the following related Q&A.
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