[VAIO_PC] The battery gets consumed even when the PC power is turned off

The battery drains even when the PC is turned off.
The battery has discharged when I turn on the computer a few days after a full charge.
Since the PC is constantly uses power, the battery will drain even when the machine is off

Applicable Products
All VAIO PCs, Only battery powered models.

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If USB charging is enabled, the USB charging circuit will be on standby causing the drain rate to rise. Please refer to the related Q&A below and disable USB charging.

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The following tasks use up power, causing the VAIO’s lithium ion battery pack to drain.

Real Time Clock (RTC) running, keeping CMOS.  When the battery pack is installed, the built in Real Time Clock (RTC) backup battery will not be used.

The power switch on your computer is built based on standards PC97 and considered “soft touch”. What this means is that the power switch does not directly turn on/off the power source. Triggering this switch sends a “turn on(off) the power” signal to the controller that manages the power.  So, the controller that actually manages the power is running electricity constantly when the battery and AC adapter are connected, which causes the battery to drain.

The battery will also drain when operating a microcomputer and performing the transmission of information. VAIO’s battery pack is not only a battery, but it has a built-in microcomputer that manages the battery pack’s condition (remaining power, charging rate, battery temperature, etc.) and sends this information to the computer periodically. For the above reason, even if the battery is removed, it will slowly drain.  This is a normal function of the battery.

Although both the battery pack’s microcomputer and the controller that manages the power are low powered operations, they still drain the battery.  This drainage can be seen in other devices such as a video camera and PC that use similar lithium ion battery.  The drain rate of battery when the power is off cannot be compared because the functions differ in each model.