[VJZ12A*][VJZ13A*] There are times when the cursor moves on its own, or the app starts up on its own, even when I haven’t touched the touchpanel

 [VJZ12A*][VJZ13A*] There are times when the cursor moves on its own, or the app starts up on its own, even when I haven’t touched the touch panel
Publicized 1/30/15 05:54 PM   |    Updated 6/5/15 01:52 PM
Products in subject
VJZ12A* series
VJZ13A* series

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Operation method 

To be checked in prior

  • If the mouse pointer moves on its own, or the app starts on its own, even when you have not touched the touch panel, please perform touch panel calibration, according to the contents in this page.
  • The touch panel on this panel has both touch function and pen function, so it has different specifications than other models. If the cursor moves on its own, you will need to perform the operations on this page. Please keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with the hardware.
  • Please use only genuine AC adapter. Do not use AC adapter from other models or other manufacturer.
  • If you are connecting VAIO power cord to power strip, please connect it either directly to wall outlet or other power outlet.
  • Please keep away anything that generates radio waves, such as florescent light and motor.
  • Please disconnect USB device and cable connected to VAIO.
  • Please wipe off liquid from the touch panel, if any.
  • If dew has occurred due to bringing in the PC from cold environment to warm environment, please use it after it is well-adapted to room temperature.



Please do not perform all operations introduced in this page, on products that are not in subject.
The touch panel may not function correctly.

Please have all of the followings done, before performing calibration.
Once they are done, please restart the PC and perform calibration.

  • Charge the battery 30% or more
  • Disconnect AC adapter and all peripherals
  • Set to keyboard mode


Operation method
1. Close all operating apps.
2. Open “C:\Program Files (x86)\VAIO\N-trig\Calibration” folder.
3. Double click “NtrigMTMCalib.exe” within the folder.

Display Explorer by pressing [Windows]+[E] buttons, and you can find files easily by entering “NtrigMTMCalib.exe” into the PC search window.

4. It will say “Perform touch panel calibration.”, so select [OK].

5. Calibration performing screen will be displayed, so do not touch the screen and wait for a while.

6. It will say “Calibration is complete.”, so select [OK].

This will end calibration. If operation through touch panel is unstable even after performing calibration, please perform calibration again.

All operations are now complete.