[VAIO_PC] The fan makes loud noise

The cooling fan is too loud.
The fan is louder than before. Is there something wrong?
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If the fan is loud but not making a specifically strange noise, please see the solutions below.
Table of Contents
Check to see if there is any heavy processing in the background.
Check the setting of the fan.
Check to see if the vents are not blocked.
Check to see if there are no dusts around the vents. 


Check to see if there is any heavy processing in the background.
Although it may not appear on the screen, your computer may be doing heavy processing in the background like auto-maintenance, running windows update, creating indexes, etc.  These types of tasks can be checked and stopped from Task Manager.  

Check the setting of the fan.
Check the fan control setting under the preinstalled “VAIO Setting.” If the cooling system is set as higher than default, the speed of the cooling fan becomes faster and can be loud.          
Below are the settings for fan control. Please set based on your usage.
Performance Priority: prioritizes the performance of your computer, so the fan will go faster and cause it to be louder.
Default: runs at high performance even on temporary heavy loads.  This setting provides a balance between performance and quietness.
Quietness Priority: sets the computer to control CPU performance and slow down the fan. 

Check to see if the vents are not blocked
If you are using your computer in a condition where the vents are covered, such as using it on top of blankets or cushions or using it with a cover on, the computer will not be able to release the heat that builds up and the computer’s temperature will rise. Please refrain from this type of usage as heat dissipation is necessary for keeping your computer operating well.
Check to see if there are no dusts around the vents
If dusts build up in and around the vent, no matter how much the fan works, it will not let the air move through.  This stops the computer from cooling down, so the fan will keep running.  Turn off the computer and gently use an air duster to blow out the dust. Always do this with the power off. Excessive air dusting can damage the cooling fan.
If the room temperature is high, there are cases where the cooling fan gets faster to allow smooth and comfortable operation. The fan will slow down when the room temperature drops. Please contact the VAIO support center if the fan is fast even when the room temperature is not high and there are no heavy operation running.
Sensor Malfunction
VAIO has an internal temperature sensor. The fan speed changes according to the information from that sensor. If there is a malfunction on the sensor, it cannot get a proper temperature causing the fan to run very fast.
Damage on cooling system (other than fan)
VAIO has cooling systems such as heat pipes, heat absorbing plates, and heat dissipation fins to cool down the internal heat efficiently. If these are damaged, it will cause the heat to rise, thus causing the fan to run very fast.  In this case, use the link below to do a repair consultation.