[VAIO_PC] Check list for when recovery cannot be performed properly

 [VAIO_PC] Check list for when recovery cannot be performed properly

  • The recovery (re-setup/initialize) that re-formats the hard drive does not end properly.
  • The recovery process was stopped while in process and the computer cannot complete the whole recovery.
  • An error message is displayed and the computer cannot perform the recovery.
  • The computer still malfunctions even after performing recovery.
  • Recovery fails.

Please make sure you have performed recovery under correct procedures.

Applicable Products
All VAIO Corp.’s VAIO PCs

Table of contents

  • Coping methods

1.Check recovery methods

  • Recovery from Hard Drive
  • Recovery from external recovery media

2.Disconnect peripherals and additional devices
3.Initialize BIOS basic value
4.Repair consultation


  • Coping methods

1. Check recovery methods
There are two methods to VAIO recovery: hard drive recovery that uses the hard drive recovery partition and recovery that uses external media like USB flash memory.  If recovery cannot be performed properly, first check to be sure that it is being performed under correct procedures.  Please refer to the manuals for correct recovery procedures.
If all procedures are correct but you still cannot perform recovery, please refer to the check list concerning recovery method.

  • Recovery from hard drive

For models that perform recovery through a hard drive recovery, the recovery partition is already prepared within the hard drive at the time of factory shipping.  Hard drive recovery cannot be performed under following conditions, since the recovery partition cannot be accessed.

  • If the recovery partition has been deleted

If you cannot perform hard drive recovery, perform recovery using external recovery media.

You may not be able to access the recovery partition if you have partition changing software or hard drive encryption or acceleration utilities installed.  In this case, uninstall the installed software and then try the recovery process again.

  • Recovery from external recovery media

Recovery may not be performed properly if you use recovery media created by USB flash memory that was created using USB 3.0.  Please make sure you are not using flash memory that is only USB 3.0 compatible.  When using recovery media created with USB 3.0 compatible USB flash memory, see if recovery can be performed properly by connecting it to a USB 2.0 compatible connector.

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2. Disconnect peripherals and additional devices
Recovery is a task that puts the computer back to its initial condition at the time of factory shipping.  Recovery may not be performed properly if you have added peripherals and devices.  If you have any peripherals, such as an external hard drive, printer, or USB flash memory, please disconnect them from the computer.  Also, if you have added your own memory into the computer, please take it out and see if the recovery can be performed correctly.

  • Note that this excludes USB flash memory needed to perform recovery.

Please consult with the store if you had the memory added at a store.

Please make sure to turn off the main body’s power before taking out the internal added devices.  Also, please be careful of the following items.

  • The internal parts of the main body of your computer are hot and you may burn yourself if you touch it right after you turn off the power. Please wait until it cools down.
  • You may cause computer malfunctions if you are not careful when you remove memory or other devices inside your computer.
  • In order to release static electricity from your body, touch something metal before touching anything inside the main body of your computer.
  • Please be extremely careful when you take out the memory and other devices from inside your computer because you may injure your hand and fingers on the parts and circuit board.


3. Initialize BIOS basic value
See if the recovery can be performed properly by initializing the BIOS setting value that manages hardware.  Please refer to the following Related Q&A for detailed procedures on how to initialize BIOS setting.


4. Repair Consultation
If you have tried all procedures written in this particular Q&A and the recovery still does not end properly, please contact the VAIO support center.
When inquiring, please mention the following things to the support agent.

  • This particular Q&A you are currently looking at
  • The contents you have already checked yourself