VJZ13B * “Intel (R) sensor firmware Ver.” update program

Program name
VJZ13B * “Intel (R) sensor firmware Ver.” update program

Software ID

Release date
February 26th, 2016

Applicable models
VJZ13B *

Target OS
Windows 10 Home / Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


  • Please connect the AC adapter and power cord to the body of the PC.
  • Please be sure to restart your PC after the update.
  • Please remove all peripheral devices.
  • Please sign into the Administrator windows account or an account with Administrator privileges.
  • Please close all running applications.
  • Please deactivate all resident software, such as virus protection.
  • Please standby during the update, do not let your computer go into hibernation or sleep.
  • Please do not turn off the power to your machine during the update.
  • “User Account Control” or at the time of work – on top of the check the contents If a dialog box of “file open Security Warning” is displayed, please leave the work in accordance with the display on the screen.
  • Please ensure you are installing this update on appropriate models. If this update is installed on non-applicable models it will cause problems for that machine.

Resolved issue

  • The screen is unable to auto-rotate in tablet mode.

How to apply the program

  1. Please ensure all applications that are running in windows are stopped.
  2. [PC (computer)] – [Local Disk (C:)] – please double-click to open the [Update] folder (the folder where you downloaded the file) [SP000087.exe] file.
  3. Installation “Notes” will be displayed, please choose [OK] after checking the contents.
  4. The command prompt screen (black screen) is displayed, the update will start.
  5. It will be displayed when the update is complete and “FW Update is completed successfully.”,
  6. Press any key.
  7. Please select the [OK] button when the “set-up has been successful.” message appears.
  8. Please restart your PC. Further work is required.

How to verify the installation of the program

  • Update run-time to “FW Update is completed successfully.” And normally if it is displayed has been updated.

Download procedure

  1. Please prepare a folder to store the downloaded file.
  2. On the confirmation of the “Software License Agreement” and press the button [Download to agree],
  3. Please download the update program to your desired location.
  4. After downloading the program, please apply the program by referring to the “application procedure of the program,” above.

To view the END-USER LICENSE USER AGREEMENT FOR VAIO SOFTWARE please click the link below.


Please use “Microsoft Edge” or “Internet Explorer” to download the file. 
In browsers other than the above the file may not download properly

By downloading this file you are agreeing to the terms put forth in the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT for VAIO SOFTWARE