[VJZ13A*] The power does not turn on

  • When you press the power button, the power will not turn on.
  • When you press the power button, it does not react at all.
  • Even turning on the power, “VAIO” logo is not displayed.
  • Please tell me what to do if the power supply is no longer working.

Applicable Products
VJZ13A * Series
Note: This model has no light indicator next to the power button
VJZ13B * Series

Table of Contents
Prior confirmation

Prior confirmation
Because the VJZ13A * series does not have a light indicator next to the power button, you cannot tell if the power button is turned on.  If you press the power button and nothing happens, wait a moment and then press Shift + Caps Lock.  If the Caps Lock light does not light up, it is possible that there is a power failure in the body.  Please try the following action.

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If you are taking the computer between big temperature differences (for instance, moving in winter between the cold outside and the warmth inside) or using the computer in areas of high humidity, it is possible that there could be condensation on the inside of the body.  If this is the case, please attempt to turn the computer on after waiting an hour.

  • Sometimes the battery can be completely discharged.  In this case, connect the computer to the power cord and charge it for a while.  Then, attempt to turn the power on again.


Perform the discharge of the PC, please confirm whether the phenomenon is improved.
1.    Remove all the peripherals and cables that are connected to the body and then press the battery off button for 3-5 seconds.  The battery off button is located near the power button on the bottom of the unit.

Please Note

  • Please use a paper clip to press the battery off button.  Please do not use something that can break off, like a mechanical pencil, because it can cause damage to your computer.
  • Before pressing the battery off button, make sure to shut down the computer (turn the power off) and disconnect the power cord and any other connecting cables.  Please note: when you press the battery off button while the computer is running under battery mode, your data may become corrupted and this may cause Windows to stop functioning properly.

VJZ13A * Battery off
2.    Wait about 5 minutes and then connect the power cable or AC adapter.

Please use the genuine VAIO AC adapter that comes with your computer, as it is rated for the proper voltage and amperage for your computer.  Additionally, instead of plugging your computer into an extension cord, please plug it directly into a wall outlet.

3.    This will provide power to the computer again.

After performing the above operation, if the power does not turn on, there is a possibility that the battery has failed.  Please contact VAIO Support Center “Repair Consultation Service”.  Also, please tell the following contents to the person in charge in that case.

  • The destination of the AC adapter
  • Steps above that you took to troubleshoot this issue

Consultation of repair