[VAIO_PC] It shows “System Disabled” at startup

The "System Disabled" Error Message

Windows can't start because the following message is displayed at startup.
Message: "System Disabled"

Restart the computer and enter your password again.

Applicable Products
VAIO PC General

This error message is displayed when the wrong power-on password is used three times.


  • Workaround

First, hold the power button for more than 4 seconds, this  will force restart the computer. This will allow you to attempt to enter your password again.  Please make sure that your NumLock is on and CapsLock is off as passwords are case sensitive.

  • If you have forgotten your power-on password

If You Forget the Power-On Password
If you have forgotten the power-on password, please contact VAIO Support Center. We will release the password and take over the repair.  In addition, the password cancel repair process does include a fee. 
Because the use of a power-on password is a security feature, we need to verify the identity of the person who is calling in for a BIOS password reset.  If we are unable to verify their address, we need to refuse the password request.