[VAIO_PC] The LCD has streaky color unevenness, uneven brightness, has vertical/horizontal streaks

Depending on the angle, some uneven lines show up on the LCD screen.
Uneven lines show up on the screen along with white and gray letters and figures.
Parts surrounding black letters and shape look brighter.
There is a shadow (like ghosting on TVs) on images or parts surrounding the images.
The brightness of the borders look different from the center of the screen.
This is the way the LCD panel displays images
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Depending on the angle you look at the LCD screen, it can show some uneven color.
Specifically referencing the lines and shadows that show up: This is called “Shadowing.” The way it manifests varies by.
A white blotch can be seen when pressure is applied on the LCD screen.  In this case, please remove the pressure from the screen, leave it alone for a while and then check to see if the white blotch can still be seen.
Even if it’s the same model, the “shadowing” may look different on another device.  Depending on what the LCD screen is displaying, the “Shadowing” may look different.  A clearly visible line can be seen when a black letter or shape is on a gray background.