[VAIO_PC] Battery cannot be used/recognized

[VAIO_PC] Battery cannot be used, recognized

Battery lamp (recharge lamp) is blinking rapidly.
Battery cannot be recognized.
Does not turn on when using batteries other than OEM battery.
After transferring data using transfer tool, I get error messages such as ‘Battery is not recognized.’
I get a notification “Battery is not detected” and a X on the battery icon on the Notification panel.


※Icon may differ on different models.

There are several solutions, let’s try one solution at a time.

Applicable Products
All Notebook PCs

Table of Contents

1. Check if the battery pack used it OEM.
2. (Only models with Battery Off button) Discharge by pushing the battery off button
3. (Only models with removable battery) Discharge by removing the battery and reinstalling it.
4. Check to see if the issue has been improved after turning on the VAIO.
5. Reset the BIOS setting.
6. Leave the AC adapter and battery connected.
7. Check to see if the VAIO turns on with just the battery.


1. Check if the battery pack used is OEM.
If there a battery that is non compatible with your VAIO machine is installed, replace it with an OEM battery.

2. (only models with Battery Off button) Discharge by pushing the battery off button
Models without a removable battery have battery off button.
Turn off the power of the body, peripheral equipment (AC adapter, power cable) that is connected to the main unit, please press the battery off button to remove the.
Then it will discharge one minute.

for products with the a mounted “battery off” button, please reference the following Q & A.
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Please proceed to the next Step in the case of not equipped with battery and off button if you do not want to improve the model.

3. (Battery is removable potential model only) After discharge, remove the battery, it will reset
Turn off the power of the body, peripheral equipment that is connected to the main body (AC adapter, power cable), remove the battery to discharge for 1 minute.
Then it will a battery re-installed correctly.
If you do not know the correct method of attachment is, the instruction manual, or the electronic documentation Please refer to.
In addition, in the case of a model where there is a battery of the locking lever, please check whether it is locked.

4. Turn on the VAIO, and make sure that the phenomenon is improved
AC adapter, make sure that the phenomenon put the power of connecting the power cable VAIO has been improved.
If you have not improved, continue to the next step.
5. We will do the initialization of BIOS settings
Make the anchor start initialization anchor the end of the anchor start BIOS anchor end setting.
For more information, please refer to the related Q & A below.

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6. Put the time in a state in which connect the AC adapter and the battery
Turn off the VAIO, in the state of connecting the anchor start AC adapter anchor end and the battery to VAIO, and place as it is for 30 minutes.
7. VAIO is I am sure that you start in the state of being connected to the battery only
Disconnect the AC adapter, in a state where the connection battery only, and turn on the VAIO.
Once the VAIO starts, check the display of the battery icon in the notification area, make sure the battery has been recognized. VAIO is has been started, there is a possibility that if the phenomenon has not been improved added applications and moving tools migrated application in such, or in Windows there is a problem. Please try.

[VAIO_PC] Check list for when backing up recovery (re-setup/initializing) or data

If the power of VAIO does not turn on the battery or physical defect to VAIO body it might have happened. Sorry to trouble you, please contact VAIO Support Center “Repair Consultation Service”. Consultation of repair