Intel (R) ME Firmware Security vulnerability correspondence information

■ Applicable product

All models installed with sixth generation / seventh generation processors

  • VJS131
  • VJZ13B/VJZ131
  • VJS132

■ Overview

    • Intel Q3’17 ME 11.x, SPS 4.0, and TXE 3.0 Security Review Cumulative Update
    • How to correspondME FW update program (by model)
    • Intel ME FW and Intel ME SW must be updated to correspond with this vulnerability issue. Please refer to the links of each program for how to apply each program of the corresponding update program, confirm the application completion, etc.
    • Please refer to the following method on how to correspond.
 Title   Update program ID   Applicable models  Applicable OS 
 VJS 131 *

“ME Firmware Ver.” update program

SP000198  VJS131* Windows 10 Home 64 bit  Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
 VJZ13B *, VJZ131 * “ME Firmware Ver.” update program SP000201  VJZ13B*   VJZ131* Windows 10 Home 64 bit   Windows 10 Pro 64 bit


■ ME SW update program (All models applicable)

 title   Update program ID   Applicable models   Applicable OS 
 “Intel ME SW Update Ver.” update program SP000204  All applicable models  All applicable OS