BIOS-SHIELD Quick Start Guide

Let’s Get Started!

A short guide to help you quickly set up your new BIOS-based protection

Please note: You will need to complete the installation of BIOS-SHIELD before you connect to a wireless network.

To begin, you’ll first want to review and accept the End User License Agreement (also known as a “EULA”).   Please read all the way through the document and if you’re good with what you’ve read, click at end to acknowledge that you’ve read it and agree to the terms.

BIOSSHIELD 03 - Quick Start EULA-min


Next, you’ll want to select a Password. PLEASE KEEP YOUR PASSWORD IN A SAFE PLACE. Because of the strong security embedded into this firmware, there is No Recovery Method should you lose the password. Your only option will be to do a complete system refresh.

BIOSSHIELD 04 - Quick Start password-min


Once you’ve selected and stored your Password, click Exit located on the top right of your screen. This will trigger a Windows boot up and you should see the BIOS-SHIELD Dashboard, similar to what you see above. From here you can select a number of different functions.

BIOSSHIELD 05 - Quick Start dashboard 1-min

Later, once the app is fully installed, you will have an opportunity to customize your settings in BIOS-SHIELD. By highlighting each feature on the right, you can review and select which of the options you want to set. For now, click Exit located on the top right of page.

BIOSSHIELD 06 - Quick Start dashboard 2-min


Complete the installation of Windows as instructed in their tutorial.

BIOSSHIELD 07 - Quick Start windows configuration-min

Now You’re ready to INSTALL BIOS-SHIELD

  1. Open FILE EXPLORE and click on THIS PC and select CD Drive.
    BIOSSHIELD 08 - Quick Start file explorer 1-min 
  2. Select jt_setup to install the BIOS-SHIELD.BIOSSHIELD 09 - Quick Start file explorer 2-min 
  3. Select: YES
    BIOSSHIELD 10 - Quick Start accept installation-min
  4. Select: Next
    BIOSSHIELD 11 - Quick Start install location-min
  5. Select: Next
    BIOSSHIELD 12 - full installation-min
  6. Select: Next
    BIOSSHIELD 13 - start folder-min
  7. Select: Next
    BIOSSHIELD 14 - additional tasks-min
  8. Select Install
    BIOSSHIELD 15 - Quick Start confirm install-min
  9. Select: Install
    BIOSSHIELD 16 - Quick Start start install-min
  10. Select: Finish
    BIOSSHIELD 17 - Quick Start restart-min
  11. Check to see if the BIOS-SHIELD icon appears in your applications and then you’re ready to start using BIOS-SHIELD.
    BIOSSHIELD 18 - Quick Start bioshsield icon-min